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Commander's Prayer

www.usarak-army. mil/i 501 /chaplain Heavenly Father: I am in need of your guidance so very much for the job I have been commissioned to do. Lead me, Lord, so that I can lead the ones In my command properly and wisely. I long for their friendship. I guess everyone wants very much to be liked but I know that I need most of all their respect and their obedience. I know that sometimes they mist resent the round I walk on and the air I breathe, and at times they feel that I am most unfair and completely unreasonable. For their are times, almost every day at first, when they feel ready to drop from exhaustion, and I even push them harder, And there are times that I seem to magnft and pick an the slightest weakness or disorder and impose the severest penalty. Father, sometimes I want to get right out there and carry the load for them and take the brunt of the punishment I prescribe. But I know they have to learn to take it. Someday their very lives may depend on it. But, Lord, make me a good leader that I can push my soldiers without being unfair; that I can maintain discipline without being unfair, that I can instill the strict obedience of respect rather than of hate-filled fear. Help me ever to respect each person as a valued human being remembering that you care for that person and you love that person as your own. Make it possible for each person in my command to see your spirit in me. I ask one more thing, heavenly Father; Watch over my troops! Keep them unharmed in spirit as well as in body. And let me Father regard the life of each one of those soldiers as highly as my own. AMEN


"WE ARE", was the reply when"jumpy" Johnson,

"Who's the best?"

And with his leadership and training,

We were conditioned far above the rest.

"WE ARE" the ones "jumpy" taught to soar

Screaming Eagles in the sky

Preparing for that fateful night

Jumping Greonimos from on high!

"WE ARE" the young men who rendezvoused

with destiny that fog filled night.

Landing behind enemy lines,

Fierce warriors prepared to fight!

"WE ARE" the elite with wills of iron

and stark courage through and through.

As we land in fields, in trees and on fences

We did what we had to do!

"WE ARE" the soldiers, our battle flag waving

who marched into death's jaws and back,

dodging bombs and whizzing bullets.

Fighting hand to hand combat,

Each buddy would pick up the slack!

'WE ARE" the brave who were wounded and captured,

marched and imprisoned too!

Though starved, cold, and lonely for our homes and families,

With God's help, we would triumph, WE KNEW!


and answered freedom's call,

we won the war, and saved the world,

though many had to give their all!

"WE ARE" the men, though now crippled and worn,

who's spirits are still stronger by far.

And, if the question was asked, "Who's the best of the best?"

We can stand tall and say, "WE ARE"!